Workshops & Retreats


Creative Retreat:
West of the moon

New Harmony, IN    |    June 10-15 2018

It’s not just about time to write. It’s about being able to unplug from all the distractions in your busy life and to immerse yourself completely at the page.

How often do you get that chance?

It can make all the difference in working through an obstacle. Add in the strategies we’ll give you and you’ll be able to create time for your writing and then to make the most of that time once you get back home.

This retreat is the ideal place to reconnect with your reason for writing. Or, maybe, to connect with that part of yourself for the very first time.

Next year will be our seventh annual West of the Moon Creative retreat. If you would like more information, click on the link below and start your adventure in beautiful New Harmony.

creative workshops:

Nashville, TN   |   2017 - 2018

Not sure where to begin but can't take a week away? Click on the link below for classes and one day workshops to help get you on track or back on track. Sometimes we just need a few hours to refocus, ask questions, receive guidance, to move ahead. 

Here is your chance...

from spark to story

Nashville, TN   |   February and April,  2018

Join Charlotte Rains Dixon and Terry for Friday evening/all-day Saturday workshops in beautiful Nashville. In these intensive two day events, you’ll learn to dream then mine your dreams for ideas and directions to talk your creativity. This will be very much a hands-on experience with lots of exercises and musings designed to free you from your logical, critical brain.

If you've taken these workshops before, these will pick up where you left off and take you farther in your creative process.

The two workshops will compliment each other and offer different presentations and there will be a discount for attending both. However, each is self-standing and does not require attendance at both. Choose what works for you! 

Exact location and pricing are being worked on right now so click on link below for details as they come or check back here often! 

St. Mary's Sewanee view at sunset

Labyrinth and Writing

Sewanee, TN   |   September,  2018

Join labyrinth facilitators, Margy Oehmig and Terry for Friday evening through Sunday morning workshops in the lovely and contemplative setting of St. Mary's Sewanee. Friday night will be a time of welcome, setting of intentions and dreaming with an introduction of the labyrinth to those who've not used it as a creative and spiritual tool.

The weekend will feature a relaxed combination of presentations, labyrinth walks, and free time for you to journal, write, hike, rest, read and do with as you wish. Meals and inspiration will be provided by St. Mary's Sewanee.

Whether you've experienced the labyrinth and use it as a part of your creative or spiritual practice or not, this will be a contemplative time away to reconnect with the essence of who you are and create from that place.

Details forthcoming!