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Sometimes our circumstances are such we need to remain and grow where we are. But sometimes, when life allows, we need to get away and retreat to learn to breathe again and regain our balance.

–And so we find ways we can come together with others of like mind, to get away in an idyllic setting, away from the routine, the requirements, the numbing repetition of existence, to find and reclaim our art and, therefore, ultimately our lives. Once reclaimed, we can return home, knowing that the magic was never in that location but rather, is within each of us. It is us and is wherever we are, whatever we do, and is part of that essence that this world has never seen before and will never see again. Ultimately we realize that by retreating we are never “getting away from” but rather, if we are lucky, we live a life in which we are always following our own sacred path toward who we are meant to be.


Creative Retreat:
West of the moon

New Harmony, IN    |    June 9-14 2019

The West Of The Moon Writer’s Retreat will help you:

  • Learn practical tools you can use to write with intention, perseverance, focus and clarity

  • Listen deeply to your body to discover your authentic self (the reason you’re probably in this whole writing thing in the first place)

  • Listen deeply to your body to tap into the stories stored there

  • Sculpt time to be at the page

  • Specific tools and techniques to develop and to maintain momentum, and establish a consistent writing practice

  • Experience writing as a way to connect with your authentic self

  • Be part of a supportive community of peers that is committed to writing and listening together

  • Time for you. Just you! (each day you’ll get time to disappear if you want, to explore New Harmony or your writing or yourself)

  • Remember not just how it feels to play, but how play can benefit your life

  • Write into your stories

  • Recharge

Registration for West of the Moon is usually completely filled. Registration for 2019 will be opening for the general public October 1st, 2018. You can find more information, by visiting, email or click the link below:

RETREAT:A Labyrinth Journey: Connecting with Your Creativity Through Walking and Writing WITH MARGY OEHMIG



When external events compel us to look outward is precisely when we need to examine inwardly. Living in complex times requires creativity and a sense of grounding that is found in the spiritual. Join Margy Oehmig and Terry Price for a weekend of joy and discovery through labyrinth walking followed by reflection and writing. This will be a special time to retreat away from the noise and distraction of the world in order to refresh, reflect, and reemerge better equipped to creatively reconnect with the divinity within, the divinity around us, and the divinity in the world. Although no writing experience is necessary, creative writers will learn ways to incorporate the labyrinth as a creative tool in their practice. And everyone will learn new ways to incorporate the labyrinth as a creative tool for a creative life. 

The retreat will begin on Friday evening with a meet and greet, an orientation of the weekend and an introduction to the labyrinth. Saturday will feature presentations, labyrinth walks, and journaling, but also quiet time and space to be able to just listen to that inner voice. Sunday morning will be a time of sharing and ideas to take back to your own life to continue your journey.

Labyrinth walks

Nashville, TN   |   dates TBD

As an experienced labyrinth facilitator, let Terry teach you the benefits of this walking meditation including some history and a lot of ideas for getting the most from your labyrinth experiences and how to identify inspirations from individual walks as well and discerning ideas that come together as a result of multiple walks. Workshops will be scheduled throughout 2018 in middle Tennessee and return here for a schedule of workshops led elsewhere. Terry is also available to travel to a labyrinth near you to lead a personal or group workshop.


From Spark to Story Workshop
Atmalogy in Nashville, Tennessee

Join Charlotte Rains Dixon and Terry Price for a Friday evening/all-day Saturday creative workshop at atmalogy on West End in beautiful Nashville.

In this intensive two day-event you’ll learn the steps to beginning and cultivating a consistent creative writing practice. We’ll present tools, ideas, and exercises that will help you find what works for you to begin--and most importantly, remain--on your writing path. 

As writing and creative coaches, both Charlotte and Terry have helped creatives in diverse areas to work and find their own rituals and routines that fuel their passions and drive them to their art. In this weekend workshop we’ll talk about:

Writing rituals - What are things you can do that prepare and help you ease into your writing?

Cultivating your writing practice and how to consistently keep it going - How you can establish and maintain your writing practice so that is a part of your life, just like your other routines.

Accountability - What do you need and how much? Are you an extrovert or introvert? Can you do it yourself or do you need support? Can you do peer to peer or do you need a coach? Do you need goals? 
Our goal is to help you find what works for you. Come and let Charlotte and Terry help you find your path.

We’ll meet on Friday evening and talk about obstacles that are keeping you from what you are called to do and then send you home to sleep, dream, and allow your subconscious to play with possibilities for overcoming. On Saturday, you’ll return refreshed and excited to play with ideas and suggestions designed to tease out ways to make your art not only possible but a part of your daily life. Finally, on Saturday afternoon, we’ll help you develop a plan to get you to your art and keep you there.

If you've attended our workshops in the past, these will be new presentations. All of the Spark to Story workshops compliment each other however, each is self-standing and can be taken independently. 

Now through September 15th you can attend this workshop for the early registration price of only $99 by clicking the button below! Spaces are limited!

After September 15th, the registration will increase to the full registration of $139. 

Early Bird through Sept 15th!

 The seven circuit grass labyrinth in the midst of the International Garden on the campus of Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville.

The seven circuit grass labyrinth in the midst of the International Garden on the campus of Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville.

The Labyrinth: An Ancient Tool for Today's Spiritual Journey

Scarritt-Bennett Center, Nashville TN    |    May 17-18 2019

Labyrinths have been used worldwide for over 4,000 years for many purposes. They represent pilgrimages, symbols of a journey both inward and outward. The single path labyrinth allows you to enter a space where you can feel safe and vulnerable. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is not a problem to be solved. There are no decisions to be made. You just experience a walking meditation knowing the path will take you safely to the center and when you are ready, it will lead you back out into the world.

In this Friday evening, Saturday workshop, we'll talk about the history of the labyrinth and the uses. Then we'll talk about how to incorporate such an ageless tool into your spiritual and creative lives. Make sure you bring a journal, some curiosity, a desire to grow and ponder and an openness to possibilities. There will be at least three labyrinth walks during our time on the lovely seven circuit labyrinth at the Scarritt-Bennett Center. More details and registration to come!

Journals at marina

mtsu write:

MTSU Write is a from-home mentorship program under the English Department.  It is a three-semester program, working with new and experienced writers in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and playwriting. 

I was one of the original graduates of the program and am now adjunct faculty and mentor in the fiction and creative nonfiction tracks. 

The mission is simple: helping you become the writer you long to be.

The method is direct:  working one-on-one with a mentor to hone your writing skills and produce a publishable manuscript.

The award-winning faculty have distinguished themselves in a variety of genres and styles, and we are confident we can provide you with a mentor who understands your interests, can help improve your skills,and coach you toward achieving your goals.

If you'd like to advance your writing in any of the above genres, whether you wish to work with me or another faculty member, check out MTSU Write.