"Writer, Photographer, Terry Price’s images exploded off the pages of 2nd & Church, and in doing so celebrated everything that is wondrous of America’s South.  With hard work and humility, he connected with Journalist John Egerton, Chef Sean Brock, and Tennessee’s Poet Laureate, Margaret “Maggi” Britton Vaughn.  His images celebrate the small towns and big cities with equal respect. Many a bookstore boasted the books on her shelves thanks to Terry’s skills and attention to detail.  When readers approached me and praised our hard work, I knew that they included—in a major way—Terry’s dedication.  I know I did, as well.  The written word never had a better friend than Terry’s eye."

R.L Burkhead, Publisher and Editor in Chief, for Literary Journal, 2nd & Church

"Terry provides a caring, trusting environment in which the writer and coach communicate with sincerity and forms a personal relationship that exists within a framework of respect and genuine goodwill with a little bit of fun and humor thrown in for good measure!"

Sandy Coomer, poet with books Continuum, The Presence of Absence, and Rivers Within Us

"I have loved working with Terry! He challenges and encourages at the same time. Terry has helped me look at my projects in new ways by using an assortment of tools.... labyrinth walking, drumming, music and talking me through where I'm trying to go. Terry is a wonderful, caring coach, who helps me achieve my goals."

Cathleen Reid, Owner of CatFit Yoga:

"What I think of when I think of what I value most from working with Terry is productivity.  With Terry I produced a story - a story that worked, a story I liked."

Susan Reed

"Terry brings his authentic self and encourage others to do the same. He is intentional in his work as a facilitator and shows the depths of his passion for the creative process and his role in encouraging us by creating a spark. Terry commands the room in a way that is inviting, as if he sat us down to Sunday dinner. He is warm and kind and wears his heart where we can all see it.  He also provides comfort when we wear our hearts in the same place."

Erin Julian

"To me, Terry is the very embodiment of generosity, encouragement, curiosity, creativity, and kindness. When I read his words, or hear him in person, I am filled with the belief that my writing is important, my voice matters, and that I CAN do "it", whatever "it" is. In your words, I am beholden to him, for all that he is, and all that he does."

Lydia Smith

"With radiant gusto, Terry chases down every means available to him that will, in any way possible, nourish the precious kernel of Creativity in any human being who happens to come within his sphere of influence as a personal coach, workshop leader, retreat facilitator, creative, or writer. Terry wastes not a single second, and spares not the least effort, to awaken people to their own powers, to their unique talents, and to the dire imperative--for the sake of the whole Universe, no less!--of cherishing and deploying those powers and talents. Terry's professional passion is the loving care of ''Read, Set, Go''; that is, he helps people to ready and set themselves, then he lets them go--go do it, go say it, go take it, go give it, go find the next gate to open! Terry passionately hopes that every single human being under his professional guidance will GO BE YOUR MOST FEARLESS SELF!"

Gwen Broderick

"Writing is lonely and solitary work. Seeking out the support of a coach and writing community can be vital to the writer’s success. I engaged Terry as my coach over the course of a long-term creative project and I can say unreservedly that the professional, insightful, compassionate support and greater sense of accountability he gave me were invaluable throughout the process of completing my work. In addition to his professionalism, Terry is truly one of the kindest, most generous, most genuine people I know. I highly recommend his services."

Tom Pierce

“Although my fingers moved quickly to type my manuscript, I was a man without a writer's voice. My mentor, Terry Price, cleverly and kindly persuaded me to allow my voice to come through my writing. His guidance unleashed powerful forces within me that allowed for candor, passion and truth. More than that, Terry helped me to achieve fulfillment and a best selling book.”

–Ron Firmin, President
Master Financial Services

“Terry Price is the ideal combination of organized and creative. Write an article? No problem. Brainstorm ideas as a coach? Not a worry. Put together a weekend event? Easy! He’s amazing. I learned how wonderful Terry is to work with when he and I co-directed the Writer’s Loft and I’m afraid I leaned on his skills a bit heavily. Besides being organized and creative, he’s also smart as all hell. And funny. And unfailingly cheerful. I recommend his work highly.”

–Charlotte Rains Dixon

“I first met Terry through the Writer’s Loft at Middle Tennessee State University. He served as my mentor the first year I was in the certificate in creative writing program. His personable style of interaction with me and my work was always thoughtful, engaging and supportive. Terry offers critical feedback to develop the craft and art of writing, and he models this through his own work. I’ll always remember the lecture he gave on the intersection of jazz and writing. It opened my eyes to the multi-disciplinary opportunities for my writing. I now incorporate art, music, video, photography and other multimedia aspects into my writing and allow these to generate new work. Terry’s guidance in the early years of my writing and teaching career has provided an amazing foundation upon which to build, and I am grateful for his continued support and friendship.”

–Cheryl A. Hemmerle
Writer, Teacher, Instructional Designer