Following Your Signposts

“Whatever inspiration is, it's born from a continuous 'I don't know.’” ~ WisÅawa Szymborska


As I move along my creative journey, I continue to find the same signposts guiding me over and over.


For me, the ability to let go, to say “I don’t know,” to embrace the vulnerability inherent in the magic of getting lost as you create, has led me to inspirations whereas I used to believe that inspiration would be the starting point and the rest would then follow.

Saying “I don’t know” is hard. The ego can be very protective. Google is always there. Being right is fun, especially if you’re competitive.

For me, learning to say “I don’t know” has been a process but one with which I’m becoming comfortable. And in a lovely paradox, the more I say “I don’t know,” the more I discover because when you are open, the more there is to discover.

There is always more.

Always allow for possibilities beyond what we know. Even when we learn more, know more.

Especially then.

At those times (and we all have them…) when you feel your creativity is flagging or maybe it’s taken a vacation altogether, take a deep breath, release, and say to the universe -

I don’t know.

Lead me. Show me. Teach me.

Play and get lost among the questions and eventually you will be found. You will discover.

Then repeat.